ADA evaluation engine is based on deep learning. Engine has been trained with a representative dataset of dermatoscopic images of different pigmented lesions. ADA works to evaluate the lesion following the same approach of human rational. On the other hand, ADA engine has been design to have learning capabilities. With this, ADA is able to improve accuracy and precision based in previous evaluations.


ADA results are not intended to provide a firm diagnosis, the result is a risk assessment and classification of potential melanoma with the confidence in the result provided. ADA will support Dermatologists to make decisions or establish the basis for lesion follow-up and evaluation of the suspicious skin lesions.


ADA is a cloud based solution available 7x24, no need for application installation, no dependencies on devices or technologies, all you need to get ADA independent evaluation is internet connection and the images to be evaluated. We designed ADA to be easily integrated with digital dermatoscopes, tablets, smartphones and other medical devices or HIS. Fast deployment in any system is guaranteed and can be managed by Idneo.

Test your dermatoscopy

This free version provides preliminary assesment and confidence interval of the result. full version is available to customers.
Result Interpretation: ADA (demo version) provides a preliminary risk classification of the lesion: High Risk / Low Risk and a percentage of confidence on the result. This percentage is the confidence of the system in the classification provided.